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NOSTALGIA 2.0 - CAL 2023

Five years after the success of the Nostalgia in 2018, we have come up with a new Nostalgia to celebrate its 5th anniversary.

This Nostalgia 2.0 2023 Crochet ALong has also become a fun and varied pattern, with a nostalgic touch!

For those who haven’t crocheted the Nostalgia 1, the name Nostalgia was coined because we went back to how crocheting (for us) once started. For who doesn’t know them, those old books with crochet patterns that our mothers, aunts and grandmothers had. With these patterns, many homes have been “decorated” with tablecloths, curtains and bedspreads, crocheted with the still popular Durable cotton in white or ecru.

Today these books are again very popular, and it has become an art to get hold of those old books. 

Building on this, we have crocheted another afghan for 2023 in which we go back to the old filet crochet patterns and the time-honored Durable cotton.

So we are going to crochet a afghan in the filet crochet technique, which often consists of open and closed squares, which together form a pattern.

How does it work?

The Nostalgia 2.0 2023 Crochet ALong contains 24 parts. Every week, on Friday 8.30 AM, we will publish a new part of the pattern.

At the end of the line, which may take a while because we’re make a large afghan, you’ll end up with a beautiful afghan, with a link to the past.

The project starts on 6 January 2023.

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Nostalgia 2.0- CAL 2023 Patterns

Patterns will be published here weekly after the project has started!


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