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Crossroads - CAL 2022

This time again, we have done our very best to make a fun and varied pattern with a variety of granny patterns which resulted in an optical weaving pattern.

The name Crossroads 2022 is chosen from the fact that the strips cross each other.

The names of the yarn packages are chosen because, during the covid pandemic, a lot of people find themselves on a cross point in their lives: more/less work, stay at home or go to the office, live a healthier life of just keep on going the way the used to do. There are many other dilemmas that we have faced and made choices in.

How does it work?

This Crossroads 2022 Crochet ALong contains 13 parts. Every week, on 8.30 AM (CET) Fridays, a new piece of the pattern will be published online. 

Every week we sew the patterns together so that it is not saved until last. Experience shows that, according to many, this is not really the best job.

Of course, there will also be a nice border around the blanket.

At the end of the line, which takes quite a while because it is a large piece that we are going to crochet, you have a nice blanket. 


We crocheted this blanket with mainly 1 size crochet hook 4 mm (G). Choose the crochet hook that you feel most comfortable with. For some parts it may be necessary (if you crochet loose or tight) that you need half a size up or down. 

We crocheted with DMC Knitty 4 (100 grams /280 meters) 100% acrylic yarn. 

Crossroads - CAL 2022 Patterns

Thanks, see you soon!

We made this project available free-of-charge, we hope you enjoyed crocheting along!

Do you want to say thanks, you can always leave a donation on our bank account on account number: NL39 INGB 0007 9381 86 

f.a.o. Haakplein, please mention "donation".

Many thanks!


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